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Rose is a Melbourne and Sydney based technology house providing onshore digital solutions for small and large businesses across Australia. Delivering product database management solutions, design and development for web, android and iOS apps, and an email marketing system.




infobank is a web-based product data management solution. This system is ideal for businesses that require a sophisticated database for a large number of products and related assets with integrated backup capabilities. infobank syncs seamlessly with websites, online catalogues, apps and printed catalogues systems and is the ideal central product and image management platform for a wide variety of industries.


appbank is an application development solution for both Android and iOS operating systems. Rose has developed a proven incubator process to ensure that each app idea turns into a business that makes money, quickly. A custom app can be created to support your internal operating systems that typically require either office or desktop access, and can be available for staff and suppliers to access on the go.


mailbank offers businesses an online direct marketing email management system using sophisticated email campaign tracking and custom event triggers for automated responses. Perfect for any industry, and with email template design and development services, Rose will help you keep in touch with your customers and suppliers with ease.

Visit mailbank.com.au


devbank delivers all things web, bringing your business up to date by allowing your customers to have an online interaction with your business and brand. Whether you need a simple web page, or to update your current site to a mobile-enabled site. You may even need to update your outdated analog or paper-based business processes into state-of-the-art digital solutions.


Rose has produced a proud history with more than 16 years in the technology market, and as a family-run business, they pride themselves on being subject matter experts who continually deliver high-end customer service.

Using this expertise, Rose has also been the incubator of a variety of tech start-up ideas. With a prompt delivery for all new products, the team at Rose Technology aim to deliver exceptional tech solutions for businesses large and small.

Case Studies

Blackwoods - part of Wesfarmers
For Blackwoods, managing a huge database across multiple product brands would involve a lot of duplication and unnecessary resources, particularly when dealing with various vendor product submissions and print catalogues.

We provided a solution for them with our locally developed vendor submission and catalogue marketing automation system. This also allowed them to centrally manage all their digital /web content platforms and publish their print catalogues.

This resulted in Blackwoods lowering their costs significantly due to increased productivity and efficiency in keeping their product information up-to-date.
Caroma - part of the GWA Group
When faced with overhauling their printed Plumber’s Handbook, Caroma needed to find a more sustainable digital solution that would allow their customers to have constant access to complex product specifications and information.

We developed an iOS and Android native app that presented their product range and part finder accessible from anywhere and kept up-to-date from a central and easily maintainable database.

This solution saw a huge amount of downloads from a vast majority of Australia plumbers and increased their sales, all while not requiring extra resources.

Key People

Simon Rose

Simon Rose is CEO of Rose Technology, a group of companies delivering diverse digital solutions including Database Management, App Development, Email Marketing and turnkey solutions for websites. Starting in the dot-com world with carsales.com.au in the late 90’s, Simon has been well respected in the tech-start up industry for over 16 years. Simon focuses on key national relationships and is heavily backed by his young, dynamic, innovative team who never stop building and creating for the national client base.

Stephen Rose
Steven Ross
Senior Developer, iOS Expert
Arthur Gotsdyner
Senior Developer, Android Expert
Todd Welsh
Web Application Manager


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